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Almost like any other link shortener but totally different...

What makes different from other link shorteners?

  • With, you are not going to earn $4-5 for 1000 link views.

  • In addition to traditional methods, like banner ads and full page ads, we've developed a unique feature that will earn you more than $99,149... for 1000 unique link views.

  • The feature is called Content Gateway and you will find it once you log in to your Publisher account.


Superb Tools

Make sure to try our awesome tools and find out what suits you best

  • Mass shrinker

  • Easy linker

  • Google Analytics for more in-depth statistics

  • Full page script that instantly shortens all the links on your website

  • API - you can use it everywhere. Mobile apps, WordPress plugins...

  • WordPress plugin

  • Member contests and much, much more...



We are different!

  • If other similar ad networks offer only 5.second advertisements for interstitial ads, then doubles it! Is your site loading 100% within 5. seconds?

  • With, users will visit your site at least 10. seconds.

  • Starting from $0.30/1000 visitors.

  • Real time statistics.



High Payout Rates & Amazing Support!

  • Our payout rates are one of the highest.

  • Top publishers are getting paid weekly (Net 7).

  • Minimum payout rate is $10.

  • Tools like Content Gateway, API, WordPress plugin, mass shrinker.

  • Publisher contests...